"El pedido llegó suuuper rápido y el packaging no podía ser mas cuqui! Cuidado hasta el más mínimo detalle! Gracias! :)"
Marina, 2018-08-23


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NICKY VELOURS fabric "gray"  

NICKY VELOURS fabric "gray"

VELVET fabric composed of 80% cotton, 15% poly and 5% elastic. It has the perfect elasticity, soft touch and velet texture. Weights 250g/m and the fabric width is 1.45m.

If you buy more than 1 unit you will receive continuos piece:
1 unit = 0.25 x 1.45m

2 units = 0.50 x 1.45m
3 units = 0.75 x 1.45m

and so on... 

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