"Telas preciosas y de una gran calidad. Mi pedido ha llegado en el tiempo previsto, se nota el mimo puesto en el empaquetado."
Cristina, 2019-09-06


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ILOVEKUTCHI SHOP is a little big corner in the 2.0 world with a very special selection of products! Everything you've been looking for SEWING you'll find it here... the most rare of the materials with the most beautifull colors, fabric with the coolest patterns in the universe, funny kits and tutorials... absolutely everythnig in a carefull and wisely picked selection. There is nothing on the shop that hasn't been tested and proven by these little hands of mine!! We bet for fun, positive energy, with a "naif" and colorfull twist... Proximity, trust and quality are very important for us and we work hard every day so that your shopping online experience is similar to a purchase on a local store, preparing everything with extra dedication, care and efficiency for everything to arrive as soon as posible, beacuse we know you really want to have all in your house and with no problems. So, here we are. Willing to give away smiles and many hours of crafty projects!

I'm Mara, an architect by profession, vocation seamstress and the crazy little lady behind ilovekutchi! I've grown seeing my grandmother sew in a big inbuilt iron sewing machine and it always fascinated me the patience with which she transformed some meters of fabric in a beautiful skirt or dress! The first time I went into a haberdashery was with her and I had around 9 years old. My world just stoped. A drawing teacher gave me my first graphic diary at the age of 14 and told me to draw and register the things I saw and liked! Between skylines, buildings, feet and polaroids, there were always some funny character, sewing pattern or a sample of fabric...

In 2007, with 24 years old, I decided to start my own blog under the name ILOVEKUTCHI, a name my friends gave me because I was always laughing and had lots of tickles (kutchikutchi). After leaving my job as an architect, I decided to review all the sketches from my old graphic diaries. Danger. In parallel with the blog I participated in some craft fairs and in 2009 I started to dedicate my full time to ilovekutchi. That was when, in the 6th of June 2010 the ILOVEKUTCHI SHOP was officially open in Barcelona, in the Barceloneta neighbourhood and in December of that same year we opened the ONLINE SHOP. In May 2011 we started giving workshops at our store and one year later the KUTCHI CRAFTS arrived, a selection of kutchi-materials for you to make your own projects (you can check out the presentation video here). Almoust 5 years later, and with baby Matias on the way, in February 14th of 2015 we decided to closed the shop and keep only the ONLINE SHOP so that we had a little more extra time to spend with Matias.

Now I'm the proud mom of two, Matias and Abril to whom I dedicate most of my time. Matias is a naturaly curious and intens baby and a potencial investigator. Abril is a little dog with short legs, long ears and very mini. Loveeees kids and when she was in the shop, she waited for them to come out of schooll and stop by to say hi with their mouths filled with snack crumbs... She licked their faces off!! Her favorite mini human is Elkabecause she is the one who brings more sweets in the cheeks... Loves to sleep, eat and play... pretty much the basis stuff! She is the most important figure of the shop, manages mails and costumer care since Anna has drawn her in every sticker, card or tag... she is so thriled! Alex, scientist by profesion, my life companion and witness of all my crazy adventures and ideas, it's the ilovekutchi webmaster. Stubborn, methodical, rational and perfectionist. Nothing more to say. You can see we are so similar... but don't they say the opposites atract each other? 

After almost 10 years in Barcelona, we are now back in Portugal so that Matias can enjoy all of our lovely family. But we brought with us all of our kutchi stuff so that we can continue with the shop!

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