"Pero que buen gusto tenéis, ¡he vuelto a picar!! esta vez telas. Me encantan todas pero especialmente las de los cuentos infantiles. ¡Sois las mejores! Gracias por todo. Nuria"
Nuria7, 2013-06-08


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To buy one or more items, you must follow the usual steps for buying in online shops:
1 - find the products you want within their categories, news, sales, or searching directly for it in the search box at the top right;
2 - click on the button "add to cart" for each product you want to buy;
3 - when you have it all, click on your cart in the upper right corner to access the checkout page;
4 - check the products in your cart before completing your order. Pay attention to the quantities, mainly if they are items that go by meter. See the description of these products to avoid mistakes with the ordered lengths;
5 - scroll down to the section "1 - Account" (if you are already logged in, this section is called "1 - Addresses"). If you are not registered, you must choose between creating a customer account or do a guest checkout. The customer account will allow you to make future purchases more comfortably, because your data will be saved;
6 - set your delivery address (home, work, etc.) and then click on "Save information" if you are introducing your address for the first time;
7 - on the section "2 - Delivery methods", select the shipping method. Below, read and accept the Terms of Service, by clicking on the checkbox;
8 - on the section "3 - Please choose your payment method", choose the method of payment;
9 - in the new page, Make the payment (card or Paypal) or Confirm your order (bank transfer).

After buying successfully, you will receive an automatic email confirming your order. If you do not receive this email, look in the Spam folder or contact us to confirm that we have received your order. You can use the chat (bottom right) or use our contact form.


You can choose one of the following options:
. Hipay (credit/debit card or alternative methods)
. Paypal (credit/debit card or Paypal account)
. Bank transfer
. Cash on Delivery 

. Hipay system allows you to pay instantly and safely with a bank card or with alternative methods. You can use a debit, credit, prepaid or virtual card from most banks, but also, Multibanco, Payshop, Sofort, iDeal, etc. See more here.

. Paypal system also allows you to pay instantly and safely, through Paypal's online gateway. You can pay with your Paypal account or by credit/debit cards, prepaid cards or virtual cards. You don't need to have a Paypal account to pay with a card.

. The bank transfer allows you to pay without bank cards, at your bank, ATM or online banking, but your order will only be considered valid after receiving your payment, what can delay the shipment for a few days. Moreover, orders that are not paid within five working days will be canceled.

. The cash on delivery allows you to pay with cash when you receive your order. It has an extra fee of 3,50€. VALID ONLY FOR PORTUAGL AND SPAIN WITH MRW.


Shipments are made via the courier company MRW or NACEX for Spain and Portugal (mainland), MRW for baleares islands, and DPD for Europe (see countries bellow). Delivery is, for both cases, under signature in the indicated address. In the case of absence, a notice is left to arrange another delivery or to collect the package at the nearest office.

Shipments are made the same day your order payment is confirmed (from Montay to Friday until 12am), with a few exceptions or if it's a Holiday. After the shipment is done we send an email to the client. The expected transit time is:

. Spain and Portugal mainland: 24/48h (there are no deliveries in holidays or weekends)
. Baleares islands: 3 working days.
. Europe: up to 10 days.

ATTENTION: we no longer work with CTT, so we can't ship outside Europe, Canary islands, Madeira, Azores, Switzerland or United Kingdom. If the client wishes to send a courier of choice to pick up the order, just email us to info@ilovekutchi.com



Shipping charges are calculated automatically by the system, based on the total weight of the items. If you have not logged in, the shipping costs displayed in your cart might not correspond to the correct ones.

SPAIN mainland  |0-2kg: 4,50€| |2-5kg: 5,50€| |5-10kg: 10€|

PORTUGAL mainland  |0-5kg: 4,50€| |5-10kg: 7€|

BALEARES ISLANDS  |0-1kg: 9,60€| |1-2kg: 15,50€|


AUSTRIA|0-2.50kg: 16€| |2.50-5kg: 22€|

BELGIUM|0-2.50kg: 16€| |2.50-5kg: 22€|

BULGARIA|0-2.50kg: 27€| |2.50-5kg: 39€|

CZECH REPUBLIC|0-2.50kg: 14€| |2.50-5kg: 20€|

DENMARK|0-2.50kg: 17€| |2.50-5kg: 24€|

ESTONIA|0-2.50kg: 20€| |2.50-5kg: 28€|

FINLAND|0-2.50kg: 27€| |2.50-5kg: 39€|

FRANCE|0-2.50kg: 15€| |2.50-5kg: 22€|

GERMANY|0-2.50kg: 13€| |2.50-5kg: 19€|

GREECE|0-2.50kg: 30€| |2.50-5kg: 43€|

HUNGARY|0-2.50kg: 16€| |2.50-5kg: 24€|

IRELAND|0-2.50kg: 20€| |2.50-5kg: 28,50€|

ITALY|0-2.50kg: 20€| |2.50-5kg: 28€|

LATVIA|0-2.50kg: 20€| |2.50-5kg: 28,50€|

LITHUANIA|0-2.50kg: 16,50€| |2.50-5kg: 24€|

LUXEMBOURG|0-2.50kg: 16€| |2.50-5kg: 21,50€|

NETHERLANDS|0-2.50kg: 16€| |2.50-5kg: 21,50€|

NORWAY|0-2.50kg: 27€| |2.50-5kg: 39€|

POLAND|0-2.50kg: 14€| |2.50-5kg: 21€|

ROMANIA|0-2.50kg: 27€| |2.50-5kg: 39€|

SLOVAK REPUBLIC|0-2.50kg: 14€| |2.50-5kg: 21€|

SLOVENIA|0-2.50kg: 17€| |2.50-5kg: 24€|

SWEDEN |0-2.50kg: 20€| |2.50-5kg: 21,50€|



If you live in mainland Spain or Portugal, we offer free shipping if you order is more than 50€!


You can go accumulating orders to save on shipping costs (free from 50€). When you want us to ship your orders, leave us a message with your last order. This option is only available for shipments to peninsular Spain and Portugal.


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mail: info@ilovekutchi.com 

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